Transformation between the Transylvanian grid coordinates

Transylvania had an unsettled history in the 20th century. As a result of the repeated changing of the region between Hungary and Romania and of the Soviet dominance between 1945-1990, several map grid systems have been introduced. Besides the old Hungarian 'Marosvásárhely' Stereographic system and the Romanian Stereo-70 system, the Soviet-type Gauss-Krüger projection has been also introduced. These grids can be handled together with the world's quasi-standard, the UTM system, using this small MS Excel table.

Viteaz is this MS Excel table that allows you to convert UTM, Soviet-type Gauss-Krüger, Romanian Stereo-70 and old Hungarian 'Marosvásárhely' Stereographic coordinates. You can enter your input in any of the listed projections and will be given the result in all the three other systems.

Notice: I've written it for my pleasure - you can use it free, without any restriction. Distribute it freely but if you put it to your website, please place a link to this site, too.
Please, drop me a mail: with your new version if you modify the table.

Download viteaz.xls2
WARNING: Version update to 2.0 (with 7-parameter transformation between S42(RO) and WGS84, 12 June, 2013.

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