TIMÁR, Gábor
associate professor, head of department

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E-mail:		timar@ludens.elte.hu
Phone:		+36 1 372 2500 / 1762
Fax:		+36 1 381 2192
		Skype me
Postal address:	Dept. of Geophysics and Space Science
		Eötvös University of Budapest
		H-1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/c
1991 - MSc, Geophysics.
2003 - PhD, Earth sciences.
2007 - MSc, GPS Navigation & Geodesy.
2008 - dr. habil.

Research fields:

River dynamics
• Dinamics of meandering rivers, controls of river planform types.
• Geodynamical and neotectonic settings as specific controls of the river planforms.
• Change of the behaviour of the Tisza River (Hungary) and its tributaries, in connection with the uneven subsidence of the Great Hungarian Plain.

• Parametrizing of geodetic datums for the GIS and GPS applications.
• Coding of map projections and projection systems in GIS packages.
• Geocoding: integration of different geoinformatic data sources (historical and modern maps, digital databases, GPS measurements, satellite imagery).
• Development and analysis of digital elevation models.

Remote sensing
• Environmental analysis by interpretation of satellite imagery.


Memberships in scientific associations:
International Association of Geodesy
European Geosciences Union
Association of Hungarian Geophysicists
Hungarian Hydrological Society
Hungarian Association of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing
Hungarian Geological Society

Thematic webpages maintained by me
My favourite GIS resources on the Internet
The Unofficial Hungarian Datum 1972 Page
"Majster Page" - Projection calculations between the UTM, Gauss-Krüger and the Czechoslovak Krovák systems
"Viteaz Page" - Projection calculations between the UTM, Gauss-Krüger, the Romanian Stereo-70 and the old Hungarian 'Marosvásárhely' Stereographic systems

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