Calculation of the old Czechoslovak Krovák grid coordinates

The "Krovák" map projection is the national grid of the former Czechoslovakia. It is an Oblique Conformal Conic one, which is unique among the world's national grids.

Majster is a MS Excel table that allows you to convert UTM, Soviet-type Gauss-Krüger and Krovák coordinates. You can enter your input in any of the listed projections and will be given the result in both other systems.

Notice: I've written it for my amusement - you can use it free, without any restriction. Distribute it freely but if you put it to your website, please place a link to this site, too.
Please, drop me a mail: with your new version if you modify the table.
I don't speak neither Czech nor Slovakian so if you translate this page to those language, I'd happily place them beside the English version.

English version: majster.xls
English version with automatic calculation from WGS84 to different grids by Petr Stepanek: Majster_automatization.xls
Czech version: prevody.xls, translated by Ing. Petr URBAN (Praha).

Special thanks to József VARGA (Technical University of Budapest) and Gábor VIRÁG (Space Geodesy Observatory, Hungarian Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing, Penc), for the equations used in the table.

How to incorporate the Krovák grid to GIS packages:
In the Czech Republic:
English version
In Slovakia:
English version

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Last modified: 11 JAN 2008