About the viewer

select a time period (year+month) plus the station to be shown in the top panel and the other station to be shown in the bottom panel.

(in the other viewer: select the station, then select time period for the top panel and another time period for the bottom panel)

Compress/expand compresses the images vertically, to better fit on one screen.

About the data

Panel 1-6 pertain to the tracefinder ("awapre code") run: yellow - input files, green - output (traces), pink - .mat output files (contain the trace pixels)

Panel 7-10 pertain to the inversion ("awa2gpu code") run: pink - .mat input files, blue - inversion output. Red - failed inversion.

In more detail:

First panel:
Yellow shaded area - tracefinder input: number of .vr2 (or vr1 or wav) files recorded - can indicate whether the detector was running or not.
Green bars - tracefinder output: awdanet "event" (trace-group) detection count, from the trace-detector ("pre-detector") Grey shaded area: in the background (e.g. in the first panel) corresponds to periods with missing logfiles on the detector host (AWD) (may be due to AWD not running, OR just lost the files e.g. we have no logs for most of Rothera, unfortunately. Also no logfiles for Sutherland.)
White background is periods where there exist logfiles (i.e. AWD must have been running). Not always reliable information. We may have other records of known issues with the detectors.

Second panel:
Dark green: average number of detected whistler events per input file, in the given time-slot (hour or day).
Grey bars represent 0 (no events).

Third panel:
Light green: trace count, from the trace detector
Dark green: trace-group ("event") count, from the trace detector

Fourth panel:
Light green: average number of traces per trace-group. ( ≥1 )

Fifth panel:
Dark green: awdanet "event" (trace-group) count
Pink: number of created "matrix" files.

Sixth panel:
Pink: average number of generated matrix files per events. ( ≤1 )
Grey bars represent 0 (no matrix files were generated).

Seventh panel:
Pink: number of "matrix" files (input for the inversion)
Light blue: number of successful inversions.

Eight panel:
Light blue: average ratio of successful inversions. ( ≤1 )
Grey bars represent 0 (no successful inversions).

Ninth panel:
Dark blue: number of traces in the successful inversions.
Light blue: number of successful inversions.

Tenth panel:
Dark blue: average number of traces per trace-group, in the successful inversions. ( ≥1 )

The monthly plots show hourly sums of these counts. Continuous grid lines show day boundaries (at UTC 00), dashed lines show 6 hr intervals.

The annual plots show daily sums. Continuous grid lines show month boundaries, dashed lines show "quarter month" intervals.

Other issues: -

Data not yet included:
Halley 2016
Rothera 2008
Palmer 2009
Tihany 2002-2004, 2014 January+February
Nagycenk 2004
Forks - raw data is currantly unavailable for re-processing

Incomplete data (no inversion included):
Sanae 2016

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25 March 2017